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77916546MS262_2007_AmericanWe had to leave the Holy Hell that is FB at times…Let’s do a Confession Friday for Old Times Sake!


 Well it’s after 3pm and now we know…he was in Argentina getting his swerve on. I’m ashamed and embarassed. No, I didn’t vote for him either term but why my governor. What’s done in the dark…comes to the light…Did he not see Tyler Perry’s play!!!!!!!!!

Governor Mark “Mutha Chuck ‘Em” Sanford where the hell were you for six days?

Yeah, it made national news. It was all over the internet. The morning news show and it wasn’t just local concern.

I’ve lived in South Carolina since I was a babe. Its Republican country. We’re the heart of the Bible belt and the one of the founders of institutionalized racism. So I don’t expect a lot of progress around here. However, Sanford has single handedly destroyed any reputation that SC had prior to him taking office. The man gave education the middle finger and for what to make a name for himself to aid in a potential future run for president. Yet, this is not the reason for this post. Where in the world has Mark Sanford been…

1. I didn’t even know he was missing.

Since he’s not my neighbor, nor the man I lay down with at night I don’t tend to know his day to day whereabouts. When I first heard the story reported on the news Monday. Yeah it was strange. He’s married, has children, and Sunday was Father’s Day. Plus, you’re the governor of a state with a population of over 4 million. Don’t you think SOMEBODY should know where you’re at. I mean, excuse I don’t know how these things normally work, but maybe if you were going to be unavailable there should have been a temporary power shift to the Lt. Governor, the Bauer guy who crashed the plane a couple years ago.

3203138037_53954c6860Sorry Andre. I don’t mean to bring up old stuff, but you know that was kind of suspicious. Back to Mr. Sanford.








2. Did your feelings get hurt?

I know you didn’t want to take the stimulus money. I know you wanted to be right, but ummmm what about the kids? What about the teachers who are supposed to get paid to do a job but keep losing their jobs because there is no money. Don’t you think the money was needed. We’re not buying Coach bags and Bentleys. We’re making sure our children are educated. That they can read Mother Goose and add 2+2, not just feed the pigs. Sorry, yeah that was a dig at your previous line of work as a farmer. Seriously, who thought this man was qualified to run a state or God forbid a country. His children never attended a public school why would he gave a lamb’s tail about public education anyway. Yeah, another dig at farm life. Sorry.

3. What was in Argentina?

You left your wife, your kids, and your state without notice, without reason. Please tell me it was worth it. Was tequila, drugs, beautiful woman or handsome man involved with this impromptu vacation?

4. No Call – No Show

I started in Corporate America about 14 years ago. I quickly became familiar with the practice of no call – no show. Two days without calling or showing up to work, meant IMMEDIATE TERMINATION…I think that practice needs to be reviewed in this situation…


Thought…Feelings…Please share…

The Question’s of the day is, “How deep is your love?”  How far would you go to please your lover?  Do you have desires that have yet to manifest themselves in your relationship? Are you uncomfortable expressing your desires to your mate? What is the most embarrasing thing that has happened to you during a tryst?

You know how we do on this blog, sharing is caring..don’t be scared.

Whoever takes parenthood lightly is a fool.

If you think the sleepless night endured during the infant stage are the hardest part, well they’re only the beginning.

My son is a lot like me. Really quiet. Kind hearted. Little shy. Naive. However, with a hint of a mean streak when provoked.

I never know what I’m gonna get from day to day. Whether it’s going to be a day full of straight being a big lovable teddy bear or if he’ll flip and have a mood swing over what socks he’s wearing with what shoes. Seriously, I question whether I was this terrible at that age or not. Regardless I love the kid and I’ve got his back no matter what.

Friday I’m on my way to the school to pick him up. He calls before I even get there. Requesting that I park so we can go have a little discussion with his sixth period teacher. I have my youngest with me, so I’m not really interested in starting WWIII in front of her. I tell we’ll talk about it and I’ll make the best decision about how to proceed. Now, this is the same teacher that called me about two months ago regarding his disrespectful behavior in class. J called her a racist. Because she’s always yelling at the Black and Hispanic kids. Writing them up and putting them out of class. As a parent I know what my child is capable of. I know the good, bad, and downright ugly. I know that if irritated his typical teenage behavior will result in a loud sigh and an eye roll. Depending on my mood it may irritate me more than it should. Well on Friday they were having a test, she accused him of yelling out, talking, and singing during the test.

1. He wouldn’t yell during a test.

2. Yes he’ll talk.

3. Since the beginning of the voice change and associated cracking I have requested that he not sing in public. He learned this lesson the hard way after getting clowned. So he doesn’t sing in public.

J then tells me that his response was he didn’t do it. As the teacher got in his face and yelled and the first spit spray hit his face. He lost it. He’s got a thing with personal space. He slammed his book down and said he didn’t do it. She then threatened to give him a zero and call me. He advised her to call me. Well she called me at home. Left a message. That I saved. Every child in the class is yelling he didn’t do it in the background as she goes on a tirade on my home voicemail.

Well in the meantime I rip him a new one. Simply because I’ve asked him to never disrespect an adult even if they are in a wrong. Let me fight that battle. Keep yourself out of trouble. In the midst of this discussion, she chose to call my cell phone.

1. She did not ask for Ni-Kesha Williams or Ms. Williams…she said may I speak to the parent or guardian of Jalen Williams

2.  She told me my child was terrible. Horrible behavior. Poor student. Yet this is the same student who has maintained a B average in your class all year. Continue…

3. She then proceeded to provide the details of the day’s travesty…

I let her speak before I presented my rebuttal. SHE INTERRUPTED ME!!

Anyone who knows me, knows, that if we’re involved in a serious discussion; don’t interrupt me. It’s a major pet peeve of mine. I requested that she let me finish. She kept interrupting me, because she didn’t like what I was saying. By then my nerves were wrecked…my response

“If the way you’re speaking to me is any indication of how you speak to your students. I understand why you don’t receive the response you desire.”

Long background to get to one simple point. I have always been under the impression that teachers and parents are involved in a partnership. They’re doing what’s best for the child. Not what the other wants. I simply wanted this woman to listen long enough to get another point of view. Instead she was too busy trying to get me told, which she achieved no success. I advised her to think outside of the box. If the majority of your students in your five classes are having a poor response to your classroom tactics then possibly revision is necessary. I also let her know that as a parent providing my child with a zero on a test is not an acceptable course of action. If it’s that extreme, I need to be involved. Her response, she doesn’t have time to call me.

At the end of the conversation I discovered that my son is sitting in a group of excessive talkers. I brought her attention to this and she agreed that maybe it would be best to separate the group. Ummm you’ve been teaching for over twenty years, why didn’t this occur to you. I also asked, that if the talking is that excessive put him at the front of the class beside her desk so there will be no further issues. I wanted to challenge her to look at the bigger picture. Setting a child up for failure is not punishment that will result in a change of action. It’s something that will create bitterness and push them further away from their educational goals. As a teacher shouldn’t your primary concern be the encouragement of a student and not just your paycheck.

I know people may think that as a parent I’m looking at my child through rose colored glasses. I’m not. I love that boy, but as Pro would say there’s at least one day in the week I want rip his larynx from his throat. However, I know that if he was a behavior issue, his grades would be terrible and five other teachers would call me weekly. Instead I get notes, emails, and calls about what I joy he is and how well mannered he is. So I’m not getting it. Okay, Monday vent session over. Sorry it’s so long.



The name is Ki…pronounced like Key…not Kai…

I got a phone call from a negro last night that I hadn’t talked to since early 2008. I guess you could call him an ex. Things were interesting there for a bit. And yeah, I may have fallen off the wagon a little with him, but anywho. Why, after all these days, weeks, months, and so forth you decide to pick up the phone and call me because you’re in a bind. You need help with a repo agent. I’m glad you were listening to know that I use to work for an auto finance company and I started the repo process, but that’s been years. Long before I knew you, but at least you showed you were listening at one point and time in our relationship. Granted I’m a nice person, but what would make you think I’d call in a favor with a repo agent for  yo arse.

Have you heard the latest rumor about Brad and Angelina. They’re on the outs. She wants to adopt again.  He says no. This prompted a whole discussion on a local radio station about making decisions with or without your significant other. That sometimes you have to compromise and the outcome may not be what either party wanted, but it will maintain peace in the home.

The New Madden NFL 10 cover is rumored to feature two players. Polamalu from the Steelers and Fitzgerald from the Cardinals. Would I be completely wrong for buying my own copy just for Polamalu’s long flowing locks from under his helmet?

So that’s all I got at the moment. It’s Friday. What say you?


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